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358 high security mesh panel fence

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358 high security mesh panel fence is high-security fence system that is uniquely resistant to climb and resistance to penetration. In addition, it has an almost fluoroscopic look that will blend into the surrounding environment.

358 high security mesh panel fence is now available with a hole diameter of 71mm x 9mm and a 5.6mm vertical line. Gaint sets a new benchmark for safety barriers!

Application of 358 high security mesh panel fence:
     Bridge anti-climbing protection and protection safety inspection
     Substation safety fence
     Mental hospital safety fence
     Prison safety fence
     Factory machinery protection
     Aisle safety fence
     Airport security fence
     Shipping port security fence
     Electronic substation fencing
     Water treatment project
     Natural gas pipeline safety fence
     High safety window grille
     Railing safety fence
     Many other commercial/industrial safety fences are used

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