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358 high security mesh

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The 358 high security mesh system provides anti-climbing and anti-penetration barriers that are second to none. In addition, it has an almost fluoroscopic look that will blend into the surrounding environment.

358 high security mesh provides maximum security for perimeter security fence protection. A 71 mm x 9 mm mesh made of 4 mm diameter wire makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, thus providing a high retardation factor. While maintaining high security, the 358 high security mesh has less visual impact on the surrounding environment. The system is unique in that it has two additional wires 37.5 mm from the edge of each panel. This allows the panel width to be easily adjusted and the safety around the fixture to be increased. The finger/toe guard mesh makes it completely safe, and the superior 358 high security mesh is difficult to cut or climb while maintaining a clear view through the horizontal hole from any angle.

This is an entire system with dual C-section adjustable struts with specific tamper-proof safety devices and clips. The 358 high security mesh provides a single or double layer of skin for optimal protection. All doors and fittings, as well as electronic inspection systems (EDS), can be made into a complete safety fence.


• Power plants

• Warehouses

• Distribution centers 

• Laboratories 

• Prisons 

• Military sites 

• Prisons 

• Airports

• Financial institutions 

• Stadiums 

• Private sector 

• Door panels

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