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358 fence

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Dense mesh warp and weft threads have different wire diameters and different mesh counts. Reasonably match the silk warp and mesh number to achieve the filtering density that the square eye net cannot reach. Therefore, the mat-type nets are fine-density nets with fine filtering, but generally the warp wire diameter is larger than the weft wire diameter. Contrast weave is called contrast because weft is much thicker than warp. (The mat type net has reached the filtration precision which is impossible for ordinary stainless steel net)

 The name of the mat type net is dense net, which is also called Helan cloth in the south of the Yangtze River or abroad. It is woven from high-quality stainless steel wire. The main feature is the:There is a large contrast between the diameter and the density of the weft and weft yarns. Therefore, the mesh thickness, filtration accuracy and service life are significantly improved than the square mesh, and its filtering accuracy cannot be achieved by the square mesh.

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