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358 Mesh High Security Fencing

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Features of 358 mesh high security fencing

High security

The 358 wire mesh fencing with the mesh size of 76.2mm*12.7mm has a high security factor. Because the the 358 fencing size is too small for people to cut or climb. And the wire thickness of the 358 mesh high security fencing is usually horizontal wire 3.0mm and vertical wire 4.0mm, it is quite strong and secure.


Easy installation

The installation of the 358 wire mesh fencing is also not difficult. Usually the composed parts of the 358 mesh high security fencing are the security fence panel, the post and the flat bar, the clamps. First step is to stand the post in the regular distance, and second is to stand the fence panel by the post, and make the panel between the flat bar and the post. Last to fix the 358 fencing panel, post and flat bar with the clamps and bolts.

Easy transportation

Because the each parts of the 358 wire mesh fencing can be packed separately. So it is very easy to transport and load. When you pick the 358 fencing, you can worry little about the loading capacity. And our experts will help you a lot during the whole process.

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