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358 High security fence application

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  • Role and application of safety fence

1. The safety fence plays a role of safety protection in the area with a certain height near the water.

2. Space separation

The scenic area is divided into Spaces of different sizes, and according to the principle of adapting to local conditions, various shaped railings are selected to separate the layout of the green space into various viewing or functional areas.

3. Rendering space

Due to its eye-catching simulation effect, it is often the focus of landscape gardens.

4. Coordinate space

Imitation wood balustrade placed around the lawn or buildings, not only will make the scenery more obvious, increase the diversity of the aesthetic feeling, and also with the plant collocation photograph echo, make the surrounding environment more harmonious.

5. Organizational space

If the garden greening, walking path, etc., set concrete cement imitation wood safety railing, can be in the space of the different scenic spots coordinated and unified, constitute a consistent style of landscape effect.At the same time, factors that contradict the main style can be effectively covered.

6, tian jing

The main theme in the landscape is called the main scene, adding artificial layout materials around the main scene to add scenery, with practical and aesthetic value.


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