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358 High security anti climb fence

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1, Heavy duty body make the high security fence difficult to move ,and also as 358 fence or anti climb
fence, with 12.7 mm horizontal aperture in the hole panel make it difficult to put finger into the gap.
We will use C type Post and Flat bar to make the panels fully installed.Anti-theft screws will fix the
panel to post.Hot dipped galvanized or polyster powder spray as finish coating.

2,High security fence are widely used in military, airports, prisons, places of aerospace and high safety
level requirements! With the development of society, the application field of high security fence in
expanding. Other names of 358 fence, anti-climb fence, high security fencing.

3,High security fence ,just as per the name ,it is strong fence that give the area more security.

The panels are welded with low carbon steel wire or galvanized (Galfan) wire ,then do another layer of
treatment such as polyster powder. We usually use flat bar to press the panels on the post then
connected with anti-theft screws. Also we could add wall spike or concertina razor wire or barbed wire
to the top to increase the security level.

•High security level
•Expensive compare to other type of fence
•Difficult to move

Technical specifications:

Panel (Size in Width and Height)
•Width :2.20m,2.50m,2.90m

Panel (Mesh Size)

Panel (Wire Thickness)

Panel (Rigid "V")
•From 2 to 5 which matching the height range from 2.10m to 3.001m

Panel (Finish):
•Polyester powder spray

Post  (4 options with different sections)
•60x60mm SHS steel Post
•80x60mm RHS Steel post
•80x60  C type steel post
•75mm Round section steel post

Post (Fittings-Rain hats)
•For SHS post
•For RHS post
•For C type steel post(On request)
•For 75mm round post

Post (Fittings-Clamps)
•Metal claw with screws
•Flat bar with screws
•Flat bar with screws

•In steel or Wooden Pallet
•In bulk


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