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358 Fencing

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What is the 358 fencing? What does the 358 mesh fence mean? The "358 security fence" in the 358 fencing indicates the specific specifications of the type of fence: the mesh is 76.2mmx12.7mm, which is 3"x0.5", and the wire diameter is usually 4.0mm, which is 8#. Of course, the 358 mesh fence is The expression of a name for such a guardrail, the specific specifications can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the customer. 

358 security fence mesh general specifications: mesh: 12.7x76.2mm or can be adjusted according to customer's actual needs to 12.5x75mm or 13x75mm wire diameter: 3.0-6.0mm mesh height: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0.

Why is the mesh design of the 358 fencing product so small? So secret?

Because this 358 mesh fence is mainly used in: prisons for high-rise climbing. The reason why it is designed to be such a small mesh is to make it play the role of anti-climbing. The mesh is small, the fingers can't reach in, there is no way to climb without grasping, and then there are small meshes and some cut wires. The pliers also cannot cut the wire. Such prisoners or thieves will not climb or destroy the fence. After the surface treatment, the appearance is beautiful and gives a high fear. Therefore, the mesh of the 358 security fence is small and particularly dense. This is also the reason for the dense mesh fence.

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