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2019 New Design Prestige Mesh Fence

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Prestige Wire Mesh FencePrestigeWireMeshFence

The prestige wire mesh fence is a high rigidity electric welded fence. It is not only an ornamental fence but also an ideal practicability welded mesh fence. The prestige wire mesh fence is a special twin wire fence that inherits rigid twin wire fence on the basis of the advantage of twin wire fence with more decorative. It is used for both decoration and protection purpose.


Specification Of Design Prestige Mesh Fence:

Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire

Frame Finishing:Powder Coated

Surface treatment: Power Coated

Color: Green

Fence height (mm) Panel size W × H (mm) Post height (mm) Mesh opening (mm) Diameter (mm)
2015 × 886 1100/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 1086 1300/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 1286 1500/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 1486 1700/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 1686 1900/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 1886 2100/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional
2015 × 2086 2300/1400 55 × 200 4/5/6 optional

Features Of Design Prestige Mesh Fence:

1.Holds high rigidity

2.The prestige mesh fence with art deco style and modern touch.

3.The prestige mesh fence has the advantages of pressure resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance

4.There are various color for you to choose and they are suitable for many places.

5.The prestige mesh fence for its stable and reliable, easy to install, operate and maintain simple, has been more and more widely used


Application Of Design Prestige Mesh Fence:

 Residential area, road green belts, garden, park, zoo or any place to offer highly rigidity but beautifully meet with the surroundings.

 If special external and instal lational dimensions were required, it can be manufactured for you.

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