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10 gauge 4 x 4 Ceiso PVC coated security fence with 3D curved

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    The PVC security fence is mainly used for urban green area, garden flower bed, unit green area, road, airport and port green area fence.The PVC security fence has beautiful shape and various colors, which not only plays the role of fence, but also plays the role of beautification.PVC security fence has simple grid structure, beautiful and practical;Easy to transport, installation is not subject to topographic relief restrictions;Especially, it has strong adaptability to mountainous, sloping and multi-curved areas.The price is medium and low, suitable for large area

    PVC security fence used in highway isolation In isolated especially highway are often used for guardrail nets, triangular bending fence netting is one of them, the application of it is not very popular, because it's price between bilateral framework fence and fence netting, and close to the frame fence netting, and the application of both is common.In this case, triangular curved guardrail network has not been paid attention to, however, with its application in different fields, its advantages and halo are gradually emerging, and its prospects are not negligible.

The triangular curved guardrail network used on the highway

    The  PVC security fence is used as the highway isolation net in the highway isolation. The triangular curved guardrail net has the characteristics of more solid net surface, more lasting anticorrosion time and more aesthetic feeling. Compared with bilateral hulanwang, its mesh smaller, basically is twice as small d line direction, warp direction were similar, which makes the triangle bending hulanwang more solid and durable, not easily damaged. Than frame fence netting, triangular bending fence netting is more with the advantages of anticorrosion and price, the same 75 yuan a set of two products, a wire fence using the framework of or material such as square tube are made to perfection, reduced the material is reduced, low quality was poor, in contrast, triangular bending fence is 4.5 mm wire diameter, aperture of 50 * 200 mm, and in use after a period of time, will not fade or "iron plastic separation" occur, it is the same after all these years. Due to the large contact area between plastic powder and iron, the frame guardrail is easy to be separated, causing premature rust and early scrap. From the perspective of human nature, triangular curved guardrail network with its perfect curve and color and variety of collocation more easily accepted by others, people love.

        Application of PVC security fence on highway bridge.Here as part of the highway Bridges are often is a penetration of the road, at that time would often use a known as "bridge cast net" prevention of fence netting, triangular bending fence netting is one of them.Used in bridge protection fence, wire mesh are relatively small, it is to prevent falling object fell wounded designed vehicles and pedestrians to consider, triangular bending fence mesh just accord with this, so often used.In addition, the anti-throw network of Bridges needs to be over 2 meters high, while the triangular curved guardrail network can reach 2.3 meters high, which need not be worried.

Along with the rapid development of economy in our country, the people including the state, enterprises and institutions for the pursuit of price will be less keen, it will have higher requirements to quality and humanization

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