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gabion basket -Ava

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The gabion net produced by our company can be used in gardens, bridge protection, etc. Welcome everyone to buy! The gabion net has the function of scouring the solid embankment. The process of the solid side cage refers to weaving special steel wire into a twisted honeycomb mesh mesh with special equipment, and cutting the design according to the engineering design requirements. The material is filled and connected into a monolithic structure, which serves as a structure for guarding and subgrade protection engineering. Gabion net material selection features: Woven from high-corrosion-resistant, high-strength, ductile low-strength steel wire or the above-mentioned PVC-coated steel wire. The box structure formed by the network is a feldspar cage. According to certain requirements, the diameter of the low carbon steel wire used is required to be changed according to the engineering design requirements. The diameter of the edge line of the earthen basket mesh is generally larger than the diameter of the network cable, to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the twisted wire will not be damaged. Gabion net features: 1. Can withstand large deformation without collapse. 2, good permeability, can prevent damage caused by hydrostatic force. 3. Save transportation costs. Foldable for transportation and on-site assembly. The construction is simple and does not require special techniques. 4. The silt between the cage spaces is conducive to plant production and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment. Ecological gabion net technology has four major advantages: (1) Simple construction: The process of ecological gabion net only needs to be sealed in the cage, no special technology is needed, and no hydropower is needed. (2) Low cost: The cost of ecological gabion net is only a few yuan per square meter. (3) Landscape protection effect is good: the combination of engineering measures and plant measures adopted in ecological gabion net technology can

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