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barbed wire from Ava

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Classification by screwing method

Single screw

Double screw

Traditional twist

Barbed wire is an isolation and protection net formed by barbed wire winding the barbed iron wire on the main wire (strand wire) and undergoing various weaving processes.

Three methods of twisting barbed wire: forward, reverse, forward and reverse.

Positive twisting method: It is to twist two iron wires or multiple iron wires into a double-stranded wire rope and then wind the barbed wire on the double-stranded wire.

Anti-twisting method: First, the barbed wire is wound around the main wire (that is, a single iron wire), and then an iron wire is twisted and twisted into a double-stranded barbed wire.

Positive and negative twisting method: It is twisting and knitting in the opposite direction from the ground where the barbed wire is wound around the main iron wire. Not twisting in one direction.

Processing classification

Galvanized Barbed Wire

pvc plastic barbed wire

Aluminum Barbed Wire

The reason for surface treatment is to strengthen the anti-corrosion strength and extend the service life. Galvanized barbed wire is galvanized as its name implies, and can be electroplated and hot-dip galvanized; PVC barbed wire is surface-treated and PVC-coated, and the barbed wire inside is black, electroplated, and hot-dipped.

Aluminum-clad barbed wire is a new product that has just been on the market. Its surface is covered with a layer of aluminum, so it is also called aluminum plating. Everyone knows that aluminum does not rust, so the surface aluminum plating can greatly improve the anti-corrosion ability and make it last longer. Uses of barbed wire: used for anti-theft and protection of factories, private villas, residential buildings on the first floor, construction sites, banks, prisons, banknote printing factories, military aircraft, bungalows, low walls and other places.

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