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Welded wire mesh gabion baskets wholesale

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Welded wire mesh gabion baskets has long been an established method of maintaining structure around the world, providing economically and environmentally acceptable solutions.


Welded wire mesh gabion basket is a net cage welded by high quality steel wire. Loading blocks or natural cobbles in boxes can be used for highways, slope protection, roadway protection, bridge protection, retaining walls, etc. With the advantages of impermeability and integrity.

gabion box

The welded wire mesh gabion basket is manufactured from a square grid, typically having an opening size of 76 mm x 76 mm, with the longitudinal wires welded to the intersections at the intersections. This type of fabric is manufactured to produce a dimensionally stable mesh. Such webs are made from sheets or rolls and then cut to the desired sheet size to form a flat pack unit. This is done by cutting the face, back, sides and diaphragm plates (middle divider) onto the base panel so they can be rotated and folded. The cover can be clamped to the front or rear panel or loosened depending on the size of the unit. Units can be manufactured in any multiple of the grid size, but are usually offered to the industry as standard sizes. The welded cage can be easily modified in the field by cutting the grid back to the next transverse mesh line. Welded cages can be used for many wire diameters to suit the application or a combination of gridline specifications that can be manufactured to provide an economical supply.


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