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Temparory fence

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What is the temporary guardrail, the name, type and production process of the temporary guardrail

The temporary guardrail is a movable, detachable enclosure fence for temporary isolation, protection, warning, and crowd control.

Temporary guardrail series products can be called: temporary guardrails, mobile guardrails, temporary fence nets, mobile fences, temporary fences, mobile safety fences, detachable guardrails, portable fences, rental fences, plastic base guardrails, strip iron plate base fences; Iron horse guardrail, iron horse fence, crowd barrier, crowd control fence, construction fence, iron horse enclosure, concert obstacles, stadium barrier, etc.

Classification of temporary guardrails: Temporary guardrails can be divided into two categories: A: temporary fences for pipe products and net products welded or welded iron products for pipe products, heights above 1.5 m (including stainless steel) B: pipe products Welded isolation barrier with a height of less than 1.5 m (including stainless steel)


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