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Production Process Of Temporary Fence

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Temporary fence is a common kind of fence product, and it is also a best-selling fence product, so what is its charm?

Temporary fence can be understood as follows: it is made by welding wire mesh machine to wire, after welding, and then processed by multiple processes such as bending, spraying or PVC.

Commonly used for fence protection of highways, railways, airports, residential quarters, ports, gardens, breeding, animal husbandry, etc.

Advantages of temporary fence products:

1. The overall strength of the mesh surface is high, and the decorative effect is very prominent;

2. The welding point is firm and effectively prevents artificial shear damage;

3. Efficient anti-rust, anti-ultraviolet;

4. Convenient disassembly and assembly, good reusability, the fence can be re-arranged as needed

5. Environmentally friendly products can be recycled.

Temporary fences mainly use detachable members to connect the main piece of the guardrail to the base or the protective pillar in a standard way, and can be easily removed for mobile installation when specific needs are met.

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