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How to install a welded wire mesh fence -1

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Welded wire mesh fence how to install -1

The main steps of the welded wire mesh fence installation include six steps: measuring the pay-off, the original ground treatment (refilling the compact), the slope and excavation foundation pit, the temporary positioning of thewelded wire mesh fence, the installation of the fence mesh, the pouring of the pillar concrete foundation, and the overall wire mesh fence. Fasten and adjust.

1. Measurement lofting: According to the design requirements of the drawings and the actual terrain and features, the construction is staked out, the center line of the wire mesh fence is determined, and the wire mesh fence is installed according to the specified slope and line shape.

2. The original ground treatment is an important prerequisite for ensuring that the protective fence installation line is smooth and solid. The soft layer under the foundation must be replaced and compacted before the welded wire mesh fence can be buried to ensure the mesh fence is firm. The installation of the welded wire mesh fence is carried out in sections. When viewed from the longitudinal direction, the axis of the mesh fence is in a straight line. There should be no uneven phenomenon. From the height, the top of the column should be smooth and there should be no unevenness, except for special terrain.

3. According to the measurement and stakeout, set the benchmark and white line, fill and dig the original surface, and compact again, install the stakeout position to excavate the pillar foundation pit to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

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