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High security tubular fence

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High security tubular fence provides a high level of security for those applications where it is a high priority to keep intruders out or to contain inmates (EG Prisons or secure psychiatric units), High security tubular fence is also often used for other applications for peace of mind.


High security tubular fence used for Pro-sure is made from 75mm x 12.5mm x 4mm welded mesh fabric that has very small apertures making it extremely difficult to use cutting tools or for would-be intruders to climb or pass objects through the fence (this makes it very suitable for extremal storage areas for retail outlets).

High security tubular fence can be installed to create a very secure fence in a range of standard heights from 2m up to 6m high.

For added security, the rectangular hollow section steel posts can be extended further to take rows or barbed wire, or razor wire in coils to increase security further.

High security tubular fence systems are supplied with full height clamp bars and tamper-proof fixings as standard.


The benefits of High security tubular fence to the asset owner include:

· Reduced financial loss due to theft, damage and vandalism.

· Peace of mind that the duty of care to protect people from extreme hazards has been met.

· Long run prevention of actual harm or serious injury.

· Modular design that is safer and easier to install.

· Time and cost saving by way of reduced maintenance costs and extended product life.



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