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Galvanised steel mesh gabion exporter

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Galvanised steel mesh gabion should be carefully filled with rock, placed by machine or manually to ensure alignment, avoid bumps, and provide a compact mass with minimal voids. Machine placement may require manual work to ensure a clean, compact, square look.

The cells in the row should be filled in stages such that the depth of the rock placed in any cell does not exceed the depth of adjacent cells by more than one foot. Rocks smaller than 4 inches displayed on the visible surface should be inserted or removed from the gabion prior before any ground backfill.

e placement of the galvanised steel mesh gabion, including the installation of the connecting line, shall be performed in the following order to indicate the depth of the garnet.

Gabion box

A.36 inch deep welded gabion box.

(1) Fill the galvanised steel mesh gabion to a depth of 12 inches.

(2) A connecting line is tightly connected to the opposite side of each cage unit in each direction.

In addition to the exposed cell surface, the substrate is 12 inches high above. The two connecting lines are evenly spaced to replace a connecting line between the exposed front side and the opposite back side.

(3) Fill gabions another 12 inches and tightly tie connecting wires to opposite faces of each gabion at this level as described in step 2 above.

(4) Fill the top of the stone cage.

B.18" Deep welded gabion box

(1) Only in an 18-inch gab, the connecting line is used to construct a vertical structure.

(2) When it is necessary to connect the wires, connect the wires to the opposite faces with a height of 12 inches on a 36-inch-deep stone cage, and then fill the height with rock.

All wires should surround the two mesh openings, and the ends of the wires must have at least five twists after looping. .

When the gabion is filled, the lid should be bent and stretched until it meets the peripheral edges of the front and end panels.

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