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Canada Standards Galvanized Removable Building Temporary Fence Panel

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Temporary fencing is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis when needed for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence. It is also known as construction hoarding when used at construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at large events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. Temporary fencing is also often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites. It offers the benefits of affordability and flexibility.


1> cheapest price metal temporary fence for rental of horizontal pipe ends crimped for

increased strength

2>360° weld/strong welding

3>Anti-rust painting in welding point

4>Smooth surface with no sharp edge


Temporary fencing to secure construction sites and private property;

Temporary fencing for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings,

swimming poos land other usages;

Temporary fencing of residential housing sites;

Galvanized Steel Fence3

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