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Blast wall barriers exporter

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As a blast wall barriers exporter, Juren's blast wall barriers are also known as rock basket retaining walls, HESCO guardrails, flood protection guardrails, etc. It is made of steel welded mesh and lined with non-woven geotextile, which can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone, and then used as a defensive wall or Bunker, widely used for military protection. safety.


The blast wall barriers are usually used to protect the structure and facilities by creating peripheral safety settings, taking into account all levels of explosion threats. The explosion-proof wall can be designed construction and integration into the urban environment may be a form of metal revetment or a fortress for expeditionary environment. The most common forms of explosion-proof walls include concrete or brick walls in urban environments. The anti climbing steel fence is also used to enforce the standoff distance by the safety engineer, although such protective walls do not provide the same explosion-proof protection as typical explosion-proof walls. These explosions be effectively utilized to improve the protection level of multiple military and government facilities.


1 Landscaping, such as retaining walls, landscape urban landscapes and parks.

2 Or high salt contaminated environments, Gore can be used for wire mesh technology.

3 Common protection, slopes, roads, bridges, etc. in the welded nets filled with stone or natural cobblestone roads.

4. Welding nets are widely used in soil or soil reinforcement projects such as desertification, slope protection, rivers, coastal protection, reservoirs, canals, pipeline reconstruction, rock damage protection, bridge protection, and protective nets.

 flood protection guardrails


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