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Anti climb fence

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Anti-Climb fence or also known as Anti Cut Fence. The fence is the ultimate heavy-duty welded mesh panel that giving the highest degree of security with the excellent see-through visibility.

The anti-climb fencing in China is designed to make it very tough to cut through the panel with simple hand tools. With the wire thickness of 4mm and the spacing of 75mm x 12.5 mm, you could give a hard time for time any intruders who are trying to cut the fence.

With the toe and finger proof profile, it is almost possible for fingers and toes to go through. Therefore, this is the ideal fencing system that can prevent anyone from cutting or climbing over the fence to reach the protected area.

Besides, the design of the anti-climb fence, which gives excellent see-through visibility makes it an ideal to use in areas where CCTV is in operation. It is commonly found at residential, commercial, governmental and industrial properties where you could enjoy both the absolute security without compromising the visibility of others.

The top-notch quality galvanising coating also gives the anti-climb fence users a stress-free mind. Unlike other mild steel fences, the anti-climb fence is hot dipped galvanised and does not get rusted easily. As a result, the excellent durability that required less maintenance makes it an ideal choice for a unique perimeter security product.

Where to get the Best Anti-Climb Fence in China?

Giant fence is one of the leading perimeters fencing and anti-climb fence supplier in China. Our fencing solution is including designing, manufacturing, marketing, installing and doing maintenance.

Our products are manufactured to cater to various markets raging form industrial, local authorities, high security, sports facilities, agricultural and residential. Enquire with us now and build your fencing with the best anti-climb fencing supplier in China today.

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