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4 tips for maintaining PVC coated chain link fence

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In order to keep the PVC coated chain link fence in good appearance and operate normally for as long as possible, it is recommended that we regularly maintain it.

1. Clean with steel wool

The posts and links of a PVC coated chain link fence are prone to rust. It is recommended to prepare some steel wool for regular scrubbing of any rusty areas.

2. Remove dust and dirt

The combination of liquid soap and water is an effective option.

3. Oil necessary parts

After cleaning, it is best to oil the parts of the PVC coated chain link fence, including latches and hinges, as well as joints and springs. Mineral oil is the best choice for maintaining it. Before oiling, be sure to clean it, especially the rusty areas.

4. Check for loose parts

As time goes on, the nails and screws of PVC coated chain link fence are likely to get loose. To prevent this condition, the regular maintenance is very important. Be sure to check along the posts for any signs of looseness. 

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