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358 High security fence from Ava

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1, 358 protective net: the mesh 72.6mmX12.7mm; wire diameter: 4mm (3 ″ x 0.5 ″ x 8 #)

2, 3510 protective net: the mesh is 72.6mmX12.7mm, the wire warp is 3mm (3 ″ x0.5 ″ x10 #)

Net surface size: net height: 2.5m-3.5m; net width: 2.0m-2.5m.

358 fence mesh material: low carbon steel wire, PVC coated.

Manufacturing process: steel wire is coated with plastic, and it can also be separately plated, hot plated and coated.

Anti-corrosion treatment: galvanized, copper-plated, plastic sprayed, plastic impregnated

Color: dark green, dark green, yellow, white, blue

358 Fence Mesh Product Features:

1. Good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy and fast installation.

2. Anti-climbing-Due to the high-density mesh of the 358 guardrail, hands and feet cannot be attached, which has played a very good role in protecting against climbing.

3. Anti-shear-The wire diameter is very large and the mesh is dense, making the wire shear useless.

4. Beautiful appearance-smooth mesh surface, two-dimensional three-dimensional sense, higher perspective.

358 fence net use: Fence, decoration, protection and other facilities in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, transportation and other industries, also used for road green belt protection nets.

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